Jeff and Kira and the Oregon Coast // Portland Wedding Photographer

portland wedding photographer-8 The night before had been long and the day was cool, but we piled in the car anyway and headed out of Portland to the coastline through forests of green. We hit a small town and parked, thinking we could easily walk a little and find ourselves on the shore. The chill proved to be too much though and we instead found ourselves in a small brewery. After a beer, I made the argument that we were losing light and that they wouldn't regret spending ten minutes at nature's mercy. So we left and were soon on the beach. I had a moment... seeing the waves crashing and the freedom of movement from the water, yet how it was obviously submissive to an object like the moon. It hit me in many ways and I was thankful it. I acknowledged it and the emotions I was feeling and then I stored it away for later and photographed my little brother and the love of his life.

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