Luke & Lann :: Married | Cincinnati Weddings

Luke and Lann were married at Longworth Hall in Cincinnati. The meticulous attention to detail by Lann showed well in everything from her gorgeous bouquet (using flowers purchased that day from the market) to the charitable buttons in lieu of favors.

How awesome are their cakes?! Each cake was a different flavor. Mmmm....

Luke was helpful getting all the groomsmen in their places. It can be hard garnering attention of so many people!

Lann's maid of honor made the beautiful shawl below.

In lieu of favors, bottle caps representing donations were placed on a wooden board. Guests could then drop a bottle cap into the glass of the charity of their choosing.

Then dancing commenced.

Then Journey was played. Note the dramatic poses.

Congratulations Luke and Lann! Your wedding was a blast and great pleasure!