Pictage Partnercon 2010

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Partnercon, a photography conference put on by Pictage. This conference was amazing! I was able to attend seminars by the wonderful Justin & Mary Marantz, Roberto Valenzuela, Angela Anderson and Christa Meola (to name a few). It was really nice to be surrounded by so many other people in my business. Even though I am surrounded by awesome people on a wedding day, being a photographer can be quite a lonely career field! I am left with a great deal to think about. I am glad that I now have a little break between wedding seasons so that I may mull over all the information and questions that have arisen from all these great speakers. I see changes coming to JFP. Nothing crazy. I'll still be shooting weddings, but I think I will incorporate other sessions (boudoir for the bride, perhaps?). I am also going to sit down in the next week or so and think about what I want to bring to the table at a wedding. Why do I shoot weddings? Why do I take the pictures I do? I believe the answers to these questions (and others in my mind), will help me form who I am as a photographer. And you, the clients, benefit! You'll have a more confident photographer who knows why she's shooting certain images, and not just taking a photograph in such a way that is popular or trendy at the time. Be prepared for a better and more sophisticated, confident Jessica Fey Photography. This is exciting!

I've included some of the photos I took from my time down there. Please excuse the fact that all but the last three images are iPhone photographs (yes, professional photographers use their iPhone to take pictures about as often as everyone else!).

While in New Orleans, I was able to attend a light painting workshop with RJ Kern. Such a fun and informative workshop! I didn't get many images (I didn't bring my tripod, so I was limited in angles), but the images I got were fun. RJ almost blew up his hand and we were almost arrested a couple times... ingredients for the time of my life. Enjoy!