Winter in the West | Wyoming Photography

For the past two years, my family has done something different between Christmas and New Years by travelling out west. Last year we hit up Las Vegas and the wonderful desert areas surrounding it. This year we visited Jackson, Wyoming. My dad's side of the family is from Kansas and we all love a bit of adventure. So to celebrate my grandparents' 60th (yes, the big 6-0!) wedding anniversary, my grandpa invited us all out to Wyoming for snowmobiling in Yellowstone Park. That's how awesome my family is. My 82 year-old grandpa takes us snowmobiling in one of the most amazing places on earth! Unfortunately, I got really sick the morning of the snowmobile trip and couldn't participate. I can't begin to describe how upset I was. I went back to the hotel and fell in and out of a pitiful sleep. Early in the afternoon I woke up feeling better and very sorry for myself for not being out with the rest of my family. That's when I decided enough was enough. I was going to have my own adventure. I loaded the car with my cameras, hand warmers, cold medication and hot tea and hit the road. My destination? Grand Teton National Park.

The entrance to Grand Teton National Park was only 25 minutes from our hotel. However, it took me about an hour to get there. I pulled over whenever I saw something that caught my eye, and snapped away with my cameras, alternating digital with film with iPhone (yep. iPhone.). The weather was a bit ominous and I never saw the tops of the Grand Tetons, but I did capture some elk from the National Elk Reserve, some beautiful images of the Grand Tetons engulfed in clouds, and scored a sweet keychain at the GTNP welcome center.

All in all, a productive outing.

Below I've included iPhone images and some off my digital camera. I have yet to really look through all the photographs I've captured on my cameras, but I present to you some of my favorites! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with much love felt by all!